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Los Angeles to New York | January 6, 2022 | 180 days | aboard INSIGNIA

Visit 6 continents, 44 countries, 91 ports, 43 islands, 19 overnights, 68 UNESCO World Heritage sites and more…

FREE FIRST CLASS Roundtrip Airfare*
Bonus Value up to 63%
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FREE – 62 Shore Excursions
FREE – Beverage Package
FREE – $6,200 Shipboard Credit
  • FREE Pre-Paid Gratuities
    (a value of up to $8,200)
  • FREE Onboard Medical Care
  • FREE Internet
  • FREE Laundry Services
    • FREE Exclusive Shoreside Events
    • FREE Visa Package
    • FREE Luggage Delivery
    • FREE 1-Night Pre-Cruise Luxury Hotel Stay
    • FREE Roundtrip Transfers

Exclusive Advantage
Bonus Value up to $43,000 CAD (per stateroom)
    • FREE 2nd Internet Log-in ($5,000 Value)
    • FREE Exclusive (2) Land Programs
    • Up to $5,000 USD Shipboard Credit (per stateroom)
    • Hosted Pre-World Cruise Dinner Event (for 180-Day World Cruise)
    • Other Exclusive Events
    • PLUS Travel Insurance
      Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption
      (value up to $30,000/stateroom)
      See: Summary of Coverage / Insurance Policy/ Resolution Policy
      Travel Insurance is not available to residents of Quebec
Shipboard Credit/Stateroom
Inside  US$2,000
Oceanview US$2,400
Balcony  US$3,000
Concierge US $3,600
Penthouse and above  US$5,000



FREE FIRST CLASS Roundtrip Airfare* 


Suite Category Brochure
OLife Fare
Suite Size
sq ft / sq m
OS – Owner’s Suite CA$447,398 CA$202,749 1,000 / 92
VS – Vista Suite CA$404,098 CA$181,099 786 / 73
PH1 – Penthouse Suite CA$295,998 CA$127,049 322 / 29
PH2 – Penthouse Suite CA$287,898 CA$122,999 322 / 29
PH3 – Penthouse Suite CA$279,798 CA$118,949 322 / 29
A1 – Concierge Level Veranda CA$222,998 CA$90,549 216 / 20
A2 – Concierge Level Veranda CA$218,998 CA$88,549 216 / 20
A3 – Concierge Level Veranda CA$214,898 CA$86,499 216 / 20
B1 – Veranda Stateroom CA$210,898 CA$84,499 216 / 20
B2 – Veranda Stateroom CA$206,798 CA$82,449 216 / 20
Ocean View
C1 – Deluxe Ocean View CA$182,498 CA$70,299 165 / 15
C2 – Deluxe Ocean View CA$179,798 CA$68,949 165 / 15
D – Ocean View CA$174,398 CA$66,249 165 / 15
E – Ocean View CA$170,298 CA$64,199 143 / 13
Inside Staterooms
F – Inside Stateroom CA$166,298 CA$62,199 160 / 14
G – Inside Stateroom CA$160,898 CA$59,499 160 / 14

Taxes & Fees Included

Embark port option
Overnight stays
Optional Overland Tours available; dates/tours subject to change; capacity controlled.
New port of call for Oceania Cruises.
Jan 6 Los Angeles, California (EMBARK) 8 am 6 pm
Jan 7-11 Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 12 Nawiliwili, Kauai 9 am 7 pm
Jan 13 Honolulu, Oahu 8 am 7 pm
Jan 14 Hilo, Hawaii 8 am 5 pm
Jan 15-18 Cruising the Pacific Ocean
Jan 19 Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia 10 am 6 pm
Jan 20 Cruising the South Pacific
Jan 21 Rangiroa, French Polynesia 8 am 5 pm
Jan 22 Papeete, French Polynesia 8 am 8 pm
Jan 23 ★ Bora Bora, French Polynesia 8 am
Jan 24 Bora Bora, French Polynesia 4 pm
Jan 25-26 Cruising the South Pacific
Jan 27 Pago Pago, American Samoa 8 am 5 pm
Jan 28 Cross the International Date Line (Lose a day)
Jan 29 Cruising the South Pacific
Jan 30 Suva, Fiji 10 am 7 pm
Jan 31 Lautoka, Fiji 8 am 5 pm
Feb 1-2 Cruising the South Pacific
Feb 3 Bay of Islands, New Zealand 8 am 6 pm
Feb 4 Auckland, New Zealand 7 am 8 pm
Feb 5 Rotorua (Tauranga), New Zealand 7 am 4 pm
Feb 6 Napier, New Zealand 11 am 7 pm
Feb 7 Wellington, New Zealand 10 am 7 pm
Feb 8 Akaroa, New Zealand 8 am 6 pm
Feb 9 Dunedin, New Zealand 8 am 5 pm
Feb 10 Cruising the Fjords of Milford Sound
Feb 11-12 Cruising the Tasman Sea
Feb 13 Sydney, Australia 8 am
Feb 14 ★ Sydney, Australia 6 pm
Feb 15 Cruising the Tasman Sea
Feb 16 Burnie (Tasmania), Australia 8 am 5 pm
Feb 17 Melbourne, Australia 8 am
Feb 18 Melbourne, Australia 2 am
Feb 18 Geelong, Australia 8 am 7 pm
Feb 19 Cruising the Great Australian Bight
Feb 20 Adelaide, Australia 7 am 5 pm
Feb 21-22 Cruising the Great Australian Bight
Feb 23 Albany, Australia 7 am 4 pm
Feb 24 Perth (Fremantle), Australia 1 pm
Feb 25 Perth (Fremantle), Australia 6 pm
Feb 26 Geraldton, Australia 8 am 6 pm
Feb 27 Cruising the Indian Ocean
Feb 28 Exmouth, Australia 8 am 6 pm
Mar 1 Cruising the Indian Ocean
Mar 2 Broome, Australia 7 am 3 pm
Mar 3 Cruising the Indian Ocean
Mar 4 Bali (Benoa), Indonesia 12 am
Mar 5 Bali (Benoa), Indonesia 2 pm
Mar 6 Surabaya, Indonesia 9 am 6 pm
Mar 7-8 Cruising the Java Sea and South China Sea
Mar 9 Muara, Brunei 11 am 8 pm
Mar 10 Kota Kinabalu (Borneo), Malaysia 8 am 6 pm
Mar 11 Cruising the South China Sea
Mar 12 Manila, Philippines 8 am 7 pm
Mar 13-14 Cruising the Philippine Sea
Mar 15 Okinawa (Naha), Japan 10 am 6 pm
Mar 16 ★ Amami Oshima (Naze), Japan 8 am 4 pm
Mar 17 Cruising Tokyo Bay
Mar 18 Tokyo, Japan 12 am
Mar 19 Tokyo, Japan 7 pm
Mar 20 Shimizu, Japan 7 am 4 pm
Mar 21 Kyoto (Kobe), Japan 12 am
Mar 22 Kyoto (Kobe), Japan 6 pm
Mar 23 Hiroshima, Japan 9 am 7 pm
Mar 24 Busan, South Korea 8 am 5 pm
Mar 25 Nagasaki, Japan 9 am 6 pm
Mar 26 Amami Oshima (Maze), Japan 8 am 6 pm
Mar 27 Okinawa (Naha), Japan
Mar 28 Ishigaki, Japan 7 am 9  pm
Mar 29 Cruising the Yellow Sea
Mar 30 ★ Shanghai, China 8 am
Mar 31 ★ Shanghai, China 4 pm
Apr 1 Cruising the East China Sea
Apr 2 Xiamen, China 8 am 5 pm
Apr 3 Hong Kong, China 12 am
Apr 4 Hong Kong, China 9 pm
Apr 5 Cruising the Hainan Strait
Apr 6 ★ Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam  7 am
Apr 7 Hanoi (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam 4 pm
Apr 8 ★ Hue (Chan May), Vietnam 11 am
Apr 9 ★ Hue (Chan May), Vietnam 2 pm
Apr 10 Nha Trang, Vietnam 9 am 5 pm
Apr 11 Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam 12 am
Apr 12 ★ Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam 4 pm
Apr 13 Cruising the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand
Apr 14 Kampot, Cambodia 7 am 4 pm
Apr 15 Bangkok, Thailand 12 am
Apr 16 Bangkok, Thailand 5 pm
Apr 17 Ko Samui, Thailand 10 am 6 pm
Apr 18 Cruising the Gulf of Thailand
Apr 19 Singapore, Singapore 9 am 9 pm
Apr 20 Cruising the Strait of Malacca
Apr 21 Phuket, Thailand 8 am 6 pm
Apr 22 Cruising the Andaman Sea
Apr 23 ★ Yangon, Myanmar 8 am
Apr 24 Yangon, Myanmar
Apr 25 ★ Yangon, Myanmar 3 pm
Apr 26-27 Cruising the Bay of Bengal
Apr 28 Cruising the Laccadive Sea
Apr 29 Cochin (Kochi), India 8 am 6 pm
Apr 30 Mangalore, India 8 am 6 pm
May 1 Cruising the Laccadive Sea
May 2 Malé, Maldives 8 am 5 pm
May 3-4 Cruising the Indian Ocean
May 5 Mahé, Seychelles 3 pm
May 6 Mahé, Seychelles
May 7 Mahé, Seychelles 4 am
May 7 La Digue, Seychelles 8 am 5 pm
May 9 Cruising the Indian Ocean
May 10 Zanzibar, Tanzania 7 am 5 pm
May 11 Cruising the Indian Ocean
May 12 Nosy Be, Madagascar 10 am 6 pm
May 13 Mayotte, French Comoros 8 am 5 pm
May 14-15 Cruising the Mozambique Channel
May 16 ★ Maputo, Mozambique 8 am 5 pm
May 17 ★ Richards Bay, South Africa 9 am 6 pm
May 18 Cruising the Indian Ocean
May 19 Mossel Bay, South Africa 8 am 5 pm
May 20 Cape Town, South Africa
May 21 Cape Town, South Africa 9 pm
May 22 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
May 23 Luderitz, Namibia 7 am 5 pm
May 24 Walvis Bay, Namibia 9 am 7 pm
May 25-27 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
May 28 São Tomé, São Tomé and Principe 8 am 5 pm
May 29 Cruising the Gulf of Guinea
May 30 Lomé, Togo 7 am 6 pm
May 31 Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana 9 am 7 pm
Jun 1 Abidjan, Ivory Coast 8 am 5 pm
Jun 2-3 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jun 4 Banjul, Gambia 9 am 7 pm
Jun 5 Dakar, Senegal 8 am 6 pm
Jun 6 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jun 7 Mindelo (São Vicente), Cape Verde 8 am 6 pm
Jun 8-9 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jun 10 Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands 8 am 9 pm
Jun 11 Arrecife (Lanzarote), Canary Islands 8 am 5 pm
Jun 12 Agadir, Morocco 8 am 6 pm
Jun 13 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jun 14 Lisbon, Portugal 7 am 6 pm
Jun 15 Oporto, Portugal 8 am 6 pm
Jun 16 La Coruña, Spain 8 am 5 pm
Jun 17 Cruising the Bay of Biscay & English Channel
Jun 18 Paris (Honfleur), France 7 am 5 pm
Jun 19 London (Tilbury), UK 11 am 5 pm
Jun 20 London (Tilbury), UK 5 pm
Jun 21 Amsterdam, Netherlands Noon 5 pm
Jun 22 Amsterdam, Netherlands 5 pm
Jun 23 Cruising the English Channel & Atlantic Ocean
Jun 24 Waterford, Ireland 10 am 7 pm
Jun 25 Dublin, Ireland 8 am 10 pm
Jun 26 Belfast, North Ireland 8 am 6 pm
Jun 27-30 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jul 1 St. John’s, Newfoundland 8 am 5 pm
Jul 2-3 Cruising the Atlantic Ocean
Jul 4 New York, New York 8 am
Jul 5 New York, New York (DISEMBARK) 8 am

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The Finest Cuisine at Sea™

Sailing around the globe offers the chance to sample some of the finest cuisine in the world at the very best shoreside restaurants. Sailing around the globe with Oceania Cruises means you will enjoy equally exquisite cuisine on board the ship. Inspired by the legendary Master Chef Jacques Pépin, their Executive Culinary Director, the talented chefs on board Insignia create culinary masterpieces. From Continental classics at the Grand Dining Room to authentic Italian cuisine at Toscana to perfectly prepared steaks and seafood at Polo Grill, the options are nearly endless. Of course, a voyage of this scale must take full advantage of the opportunity to celebrate world cuisines, so an array of special events will highlight authentic local fare. Enjoy the buffet at Terrace Café featuring delicious Vietnamese specialties while cruising the South China Sea, or a deck party which takes on an Australian flair as you sail the Tasman Sea. Regardless of the region, culinary delights await you. VIEW FINE DINING

Bob Binder
Oceania Cruises
President & CEO
I am immensely honored to unveil our latest masterpiece, a 180-day globe-spanning odyssey that sails four oceans, 19 seas, 6 continents and 91 ports with access to an astonishing 68 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Commencing an intriguing westward route, Insignia sails across the Pacific to gorgeous Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia and faraway Fijian enclaves. She continues south towards the dramatic fjords of New Zealand followed by an extensive exploration of Australia’s famed reefs, capital cities and Aboriginal. Navigating the most fascinating corners of Asia, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in everything from the sought-after spiritual haven of Bali to Kyoto’s mystical bamboo forests. More adventures await at African game reserves, the acclaimed vineyards dotting the Cape Winelands, the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands and the Golden Age canals of Amsterdam.
There’s more than one way to circumnavigate the globe and with our 2022 edition, we’ve charted a premier course for the most discerning travelers.
The brilliant Insignia is your perfect companion, still luminescent from an all-embracing re-inspiration that created a glittering new ship with the same penchant for style as the destinations she visits. Let her clairvoyant staff anticipate your every need with familial prescience and indulge you with The Finest Cuisine at Sea™ High demand for this unique opportunity is a virtual certainty, and I encourage you to contact one of Cruise Connection’s Agents today to ensure you receive the suite or stateroom of your choice.

Sanjay Goel
Cruise Connections

We are honoured to be recognized as the singular Top Producer for Oceania Cruises “Around The World Cruise” starting with their first ever 180-Day World Cruise in 2015. Our team of dedicated and experienced cruise specialists offer unparalleled expert advice to help you plan your ultimate dream vacation.   
We’re very proud of our partnership. Cruise Connections is our largest Canadian Travel Partner and our largest producer for our Around the World Cruise. Once again, we are pleased to partner with them on another masterpiece, a 180-Day World Cruise onboard Insignia.  This is a voyage like no other.”  says Nikki Upshaw, Oceania’s Senior VP of Sales.
Departing Los Angeles on January 6, 2022, visit an impressive 91 ports in 44 countries with an indulgent 19 overnight port stays. With more than 70% of your time spent in port, this promises to be one of the most adventurous world cruises ever imagined.
This spectacular voyage offers more days in port and less days at sea and starting from only US$244 ($319 CAD) per day, far less than world cruises on luxury lines. This is a disproportionate Savings of up to 63%, plus a lavish array of amenities including our unique Travel Insurance Program.
Travel with like-minded people who will share your passion for arts, history and culture. I invite you to embrace an experience that is truly more than a cruise, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to savour all that your world has to offer.
This extraordinary journey will sell out quickly. Call us today at 1-866-765-WAVE to avoid disappointment and ensure you receive the stateroom of your choice!

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